About RCVS Knowledge

RCVS Knowledge is the charity partner of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Our vision is to become the global intermediary for evidence based veterinary knowledge. We will do this by providing a 3-fold service to the profession:

  • the Historical Collection – by providing historical knowledge about where the profession has come from, it’s triumphs and achievements, and the pathway through which it has achieved its current position in society;
  • the Library and Information Service – by providing an information service built on current scientific and technical knowledge of direct use to the practising vet and veterinary nurse;
  • the Evidence Based Veterinary Medicine (EBVM) project – by working with a wide network of interested people, seeking and assembling new knowledge, packaged to provide a must-have resource for the veterinary profession, built on the principles of “Evidence based” theory.

These three themes will be underpinned and facilitated by a grants and awards programme that both celebrates achievement, and builds new knowledge that will contribute to the EBVM and other projects.

Unless otherwise stated images on this site are © RCVS Knowledge and made available under the Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives license 4.0 International license.

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