Some things in life are free!

If you got excited by our previous post about free library membership for three months (in return for helping us improve our website) then here are some more freebies that you might want to know about – this time with no strings attached.

Sage Publications is currently offering Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery (1999-2012) as a free trial online – check it out while you can!

There are lots of other free things out there. Here are just a few examples of what is available from the following databases:

  • BioMed Central – Acta veterinariBioMed Central logoa Scandinavia (2001-current), Frontiers in Zoology (2004-current), Irish Veterinary Journal (2011-current)
  • IVIS – BEVA annual congress proceedings (2008-2011), North American Veterinary Conference (2005-2008)
  • PubMed Central – Veterinary ResearchPubMed logo (1970-2007), Emerging Infectious Diseases (1997-current)
  • SAGE Publications – Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation (after 1 year from 1989), Veterinary Pathology (after 1 year from 1964)
  • VetLearn – Compendium – Continuing Education for Veterinarian (2001-current), Compendium Equine Edition (2006-2009), Veterinary Technician (2005-current)

To make life easier for you, we have a list of open access veterinary journals on our website.  The list is growing all the time – let us know if you stumble across something we have missed!

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